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Our Services:

  • Administrative Consulting
  • Outreach & Public Relations
  • Records Management
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Since 2005, MJF & Associates Consulting  has worked closely with, City Representatives, Community Activists, Politicians, Legislators, Business Owners, Associations, Artist, Employees and Residents to make a positive difference by facilitating meetings where in-differing sides can dialogue and share information. Operating the City of San Francisco’s, Office of Community Investment and Infrastructures, Hunters Point Shipyard/Candlestick Point, Site Office at The S.F. Shipyard, Providing Administrative Services for the Mayor’s Hunters Point Shipyard Citizens Advisory Committee and the Legacy Foundation for the Bayview Hunters Point.

MJF & Associates Consulting is dedicated to the service, prosperity and preservation of local business, local workers, and public/private partnerships to accomplish the varying needs.

For over 14 years, MJF & Associates Consulting has worked in Bayview Hunters Point with the City of San Francisco, Developers, Community Members, and Business Owners to assist in the transformation of the Hunters Point Shipyard/Candlestick Point areas into homes, business locations and destinations for the people.

Our vision is to assist the manifestation of thriving neighborhoods and communities through dialogue, negotiations, compromises and action!

When you have something to say!!!

Let us provide the venue and the audience to hear you…
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Administative Consulting


We provide administrative and clerical services for the Mayor’s Hunters Point Shipyard Citizens Advisory Committee since 2005 and the Legacy Foundation for the Bayview Hunters Point since 2007.

Outreach & Public Relations


We work closely with city representatives, local businesses, developers and community stakeholders to provide community engagement and outreach services.

Records Management


We have staffed the cities project site office facilities and access program since 2005 and have retained public meetings, and workshops records for over 1200 events.

Meet the Team:

Our philosophy is simple, treat others as you would like to be treated.


Micah Joseph Fobbs

Operations Consultant

Alise Vincent

HPS CAC Shipyard

Site Office Manager

Paulette M. Hooey

Financial Advisor

Yamini Oseguera-Bhatnager

Administrative Assistant

Project Associates:


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